MORE™ Sealers & Cleaners


Everyone knows that water-based products are safer than solvents. Water-based products reduce VOC emissions by up to 90% and have less impact on indoor air quality.

While solvent-based sealers deliver up to a walloping 730 g/L (grams per liter) of VOC, our MORE™ Premium Stone Sealer
emits only 60 g/L.

In addition, by removing the phosphates from our cleaning formulations, we're contributing to cleaner, more ecologically
balanced waterways.


Simple is Good! No confusing names or complicated application instructions. Our product names say what the product is or does. Decide what you want the surface to look like, grab the right MORE™ Surface Care product, and get the job done.


We asked our team of brilliant scientists to create a better line of stone and tile care products. Products that provide better stain, protection, deeper enhancement, and more effective cleaning power, all while respecting the well being of you, those around you and the planet.